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Persuasive Writing (Local Landscapes)

  • Sample of students' work

These resources will inspire students to produce persuasive writing about their local environment. Students can create questions to encourage research and investigation into their surroundings. Students will then use the resources to persuade others to visit their area, conserve their local environment or buy local produce. The case study demonstrates to teachers how they can use their surroundings to engage students in literacy and the lesson resource can be used with students to develop their writing skills.

Literacy objectives covered

  • Pupils should be taught to plan their writing by identifying the audience for and purpose of the writing, selecting the appropriate form and using other similar writing as models for their own.
  • Pupils should be taught to draft their writing by noting and developing initial ideas, drawing on reading and research where necessary.
  • Pupils should be taught to draft and write using further organisational and presentational devices to structure text and to guide the reader [for example, headings, bullet points, underlining].

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