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“Know Your Place” Digital Map Resource (Changing Times)

Know Your Place West of England is a brilliant interactive resource with historic maps and information for the whole region.

The team have produced an accompanying learning pack for key stages 2, 3 and 4 designed to support Know Your Place as a tool for local history and local heritage learning in schools, community groups and educational facilitates across the West of England.

The pack includes 6 themed ‘lessons,’ each with a range of activities, lesson ideas, worksheets and resources that can be used and adapted to suit your intended outcomes.

Learn to recognise features on maps with Know Your Place, follow instruction sheets on how to use the site and play map related games to enhance understanding. Perhaps you’ll look at the history of your school, your local town, the landmarks in your region or think about what makes a good settlement site? Celebrate and showcase your local heritage using the work and research you have collected throughout previous lessons.

There are further resources and links to support you throughout the pack plus a series of case studies which demonstrate how other schools and organisations have used Know Your Place before.

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