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Shopping Activity (Changing Times)

  • An old photograph of Thornbury High Street

These resources will inspire students to compare trades and shopping in the past to their current experiences. They will use real adverts for shops from Thornbury in the past to discover what trade was like in the town. They will then get into character and become a shopkeeper or child shopping to discover how it felt to go on a trip to town in the past to buy goods and products for themselves and their families. Students will then reflect on their experiences in a report or piece of creative writing comparing the past and present. The lesson resources can be used with students to develop their role play and writing skills.

Download lesson resources to inspire students to shop in the past.

Literacy Objectives Covered

  • Pupils should participate in role plays, improvisations and discussions about real events.
  • Pupils should be taught to write narratives about personal experiences and those of others (real and fictional).
  • Improve the quality of pupils’ writing by providing opportunities for pupils to develop and order their ideas through playing roles and improvising scenes in various settings.

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