David Howell – Sound Artist

David Howell – Sound Artist

We were very lucky to have sound artist David Howell volunteer for our project. Using ambient sounds he recorded on site in the landscape and excerpts from the oral histories our volunteers collected, he created beautiful evocative sound postcards from A Forgotten Landscape.

About David

“I’ve been interested in sound for as long as I can remember. I’ve helped run an independent record label for over 20 years and have long pursued a hobby in field recording – capturing the sounds of the environment around me.

Though I’ve lived most of my life in London and the South East, my extended family is rooted in South Gloucestershire, and I’ve always felt a deep connection to this landscape. After moving back west to Portishead, I’ve become increasingly interested in exploring the amazing tidal / geological landscape around me and in using field recording as a tool to articulate a sense of place. Volunteering with A Forgotten Landscape has provided a fantastic focus for this, allowing me access to the many fascinating oral history recordings of the people who have lived, farmed and worked in this area. My aim is to set these voices within the landscape itself, to hopefully draw out some of its distinctive essences and memories. 

Sound is immersive and can move us and place us in ways that image alone cannot. I know we all live busy lives and time is precious but hopefully people will find the time and inclination to dwell in the sounds and stories of these places a while.” 

The Soundscapes

Putchers, Kypes and Stopping Boats

Birding on Northwick Warth

Faith and Death in Shepperdine

Salmon Lodge, a Part of Me

Nothing Like the Old Cider

Milk in the Blood

Metal Bars and Modern Magic

Channelling Water

You can hear other work by David here.


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