People / Artist in Residence

Interpretation Points and Benches

  • Toposcope at St Arilda's
  • Interpretation points at Windbound
  • Interpretation points at Whale Wharf
  • Bench at Chittening Warth/Severn Beach
  • Bench at Kings Weston House

In our work with local communities and landowners, we heard some amazing stories about the landscape. We captured some of the best (we couldn’t do them all justice) and shared them via eleven interpretation points, three toposcopes and eight benches across the area, all designed by our artist in residence Deborah Aguirre Jones.

Explore our map of all these sites – interpretation points are marked in green, toposcopes in orange and benches are blue.

Interpretation Points and Toposcopes

Three toposcopes (viewfinders) show people what is hiding in the view. At eleven sites across the project area, a cluster of posts with enamel tops show information, images and stories about the landscape around them.


Two new bench designs were designed, modelled and fabricated for the project area by our artist in residence Deborah Aguirre Jones with help from arts volunteer Caroline Stealey. Based on a classic Victorian bench, the bright blue ornate cast iron ends show apple orchards, shorelines, features of Avonmouth and the docks. They were cast in iron by a foundry in Wales, while Nigel Talbot of Talbot Sculpture sourced the oak for the seats, then assembled and installed them. A stainless steel plaque on each bench shows a quote connected to its location taken from oral histories gathered by AFL volunteers.






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