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Inspiration – Changing Times

  • Attractions at Severn Beach
    Photo credit: Severn Beach Local History Group
  • St Doo-Dah's Rockhampton church parish architecture
    St Doo-Dah's Church, Rockhampton
  • Lawrence Weston Flats
  • Photo credit: John Thorn

From the Roman period to the more recent past, A Forgotten Landscape is full of traces of how the people who went before us used to live.

The ‘Changing Times’ resources will allow students to:

  • Use adverts from the past to improvise shopping scenarios for themselves and their families
  • Learn about how residents used to travel around this landscape and create a piece of descriptive writing about a journey that they could have undertaken in the past
  • Create a map of their area as it was 60 years ago
  • Learn about local history and heritage using Know Your Place – a brilliant interactive resource with maps and information for the whole region
  • Visit Thornbury and discover the treasures of the local museum or use the Thornbury Roots website to research particular houses and their occupants
  • Stand in the shoes of the Romans with a trip to Kings Weston Villa


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