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Crossing the Severn Construction Project (Under and Over)

  • Crossing the Severn Estuary - the Severn Bridges Trust
  • Ferry Princess

The teacher guide and lesson resource introduces students to how we have crossed the Severn in the past, present and future. Students will enjoy finding out about how people used to cross the Severn and the ways that they could travel across the river at the moment. Students can then think about the future and design an innovative way to go under, over or through the river using the inspirational images from nature and the man-made environment.

What is the educational case for construction projects?

  • Students can use local large scale engineering projects to develop their understanding of the world around them.
  • Students can design, make, test and evaluate their designs.
  • Students can work together to problem solve.
  • Students can enhance their knowledge of their local history and geography and the impact humans have on their surroundings.

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