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Kings Weston Roman Villa (Changing Times)

  • Discovery of a Roman villa at Kings Weston
  • Kings Weston Roman Villa. Photo credit: Neil Phillips

This ancient scheduled monument has a bath suite, two 3rd century mosaic floors and the remains of a central heating system. The site allows students to explore the layout of a Roman villa to discover more about how the Romans lived.

Curriculum links:

  1. Pupils should be taught about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain (KS2 History).
  2. Pupils should devise a simple map and construct and use basic symbols in a key (KS1 Geography).

Ideas for activities:

  1. Look around the site and ask students to devise a map showing the layout of the walls and doorways. Once they have their map they could begin to think about what each room was used for. There are some clues on the site: the decorative floors are likely to be in a room used to impress.
  2. Students could imagine what the Roman Villa used to be like when the Romans still lived in the area. It is likely that this was a farm house and that the surrounding area was woodland and fields. They could write a diary entry for a day in the life of a child helping his or her parents on the farm.
  3. A body was found under the villa when it was excavated. Damage to the head and shoulder indicate that the person had died violently. Students could write an investigator’s report describing how the body came to be there.

Did You Know?

The key for the site can be picked up from Bristol City Museum or Blaise Castle House Museum. It is recommended that a facilitated visit is booked through the museum. For more information and details on how to book, email: museumbookings@bristol.gov.uk

There are no toilets at the site so this can be paired with a visit to Blaise Castle House Museum where there are toilet facilities.

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