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Volunteer Archaeological Surveys

The aim of the archaeological survey project was to familiarise volunteers with professional non-invasive survey techniques. The participants were trained to undertake surveys with confidence through a focused investigation of a specific site. They formed an important part of our work to uncover the story of Oldbury Camp, a scheduled monument in the Severn Levels.

Through undertaking a systematic geographical survey covering the interior of Oldbury Camp, alongside a drawn and digital survey of the surviving earthworks, our volunteers were able to map the surface and subsurface features relating to the previous use of the camp. They wrote the results up into a professional-quality report that was submitted to Historic England and the County Archaeologist and can be downloaded here.

The project commenced in November 2016 and the field surveys were completed by November 2017. The investigation continued with excavation on the site itself and with our remote sensing project looking at the wider levels landscape using lidar (3D terrain data).

Some of the volunteers have continued to participate in further surveys in other parts of the Lower Severn Vale Levels, with the findings contributing to our understanding of the archaeology of the area via incorporation into the Historic Environmental Record (HER).

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