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Birds of the Severn Leaflet

High Tide Roost sites (HTRs) are the areas of land adjacent to the estuary where wetland birds come to roost once the tide is high and the mudflats are covered. These areas are essential for the birds to use for resting until the tide drops and they return to the river.

Within the AFL area we identified several of these sites and a team of our volunteers monitored them monthly, providing essential data to help us understand better what birds are using them and in what number.

Unfortunately these HTR sites can be prone to disturbance, albeit often unintentional, which can have a negative impact on the birds. To raise awareness about these sites and the importance of not getting too close (in particular keeping dogs on leads when the tide is high and there are groups of birds roosting) we created this leaflet.

We also provided posters for the railway stations at Shirehampton, Avonmouth and Severn Beach, and our interpretation panels At Littleton and Aust carry a message about the birds.

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