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Severnside Birds (Watery Treasures)

  • Common Redshank. Photo credit: Natural England
  • Grey Plover. Photo credit: Natural England
  • Lapwing. Photo credit: Natural England

A website providing an insight into the birds (and some other wildlife) that live in the Lower Severn Vale.

Curriculum links:

  1. Pupils should study and raise questions about their local environment throughout the year (Year 5 Science).
  2. Pupils should be taught to identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways (Year 6 Science).

Ideas for activities:

  1. Set up a birdwatching group within the school who make a birdwatching diary throughout the year. Use the website to identify species and the times of the year they are likely to be in the area.
  2. Look at the birds in their habitats and use the information about the birds’ migrating habits on the website to spot how the birds are well-adapted to their environment.

Did You Know?

You can link this website research with a visit to go out birdwatching.

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