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Lawrence Weston Community Farm (Super Senses)

  • Lawrence Weston Community Farm. Photo credit: James Flynn
  • Lawrence Weston Community Farm
    A map of Lawrence Weston Community Farm

Lawrence Weston Community Farm is a community-managed project that aims to improve quality of life for local people.

Curriculum links:

  1. Pupils should work scientifically by using their senses to compare different textures, sounds and smells (Year 1 science).
  2. Pupils should work scientifically by observing animals in their local environment (Year 5 science).
  3. Pupils should use fieldwork to observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in the local area using a range of methods including sketch maps (KS2 Geography).
  4. Pupils should be taught about physical geography including the water cycle (KS2 Geography).
  5. Pupils should identify and study a variety of plants and animals within their habitat and observe how living things depend on each other (Year 2 science).
  6. Pupils should observe closely, using simple equipment (Year 1 Science).

Ideas for activities:

  1. Encourage students to use their own senses to experience the farm. Students could make a sensory map of the farm showing which senses (their own or the animals’) are used at each place.
  2. Students could think of as many different ways they could use each sense when exploring the farm. Use a blindfold, ear defenders or a nose peg for students to experience the farm in a different way.
  3. Engage students in thinking about how animals use their senses on the farm.
  4. Use the area next to the stream to develop a large scale version of the water cycle with the stream to show the water and found objects to represent clouds, rains, oceans and seas.
  5. Use the habitat and surrounding plants to show how plants provide food and shelter for animals. Discuss how important the plants are for the animals and whether they would be able to survive independently.
  6. Use magnifying glasses and hand lenses to examine in detail the plants and describe the features that make them suitable for the animals that live on them.

Did You Know?

You can book a tour round the farm with the learning officer. Toilet and hand washing facilities are available on site.

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