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Arts in A Forgotten Landscape

  • Paper Village, Paper Port. A Forgotten Landscape artist Deborah Aguirre Jones and visitors to the Avonmouth Community Centre Summer Festival build a version on Avonmouth from paper and card.
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    Roving Art Group at Severn Beach photo: J.Gathercole

“So we’re standing here on this wide edge, a rim between two countries; on the verge of moving land at the mouth of all these rivers where boats have come and gone, come and gone (and sunk), come and gone again. This is a good place to recall histories.

And where does the Dunlin’s estuary meet ours? If we play in the mud, can we see the lugworms’ point of view? Littleton’s whale mis-swam but the birds and elvers know their ways. There’s such riches. If we playfully, imaginatively, gently inhabit the estuary alongside such wonderful beasts, can we recollect cohabitation and tend it well?

Mud between our toes, briny wind and light that’s doubled by the wetness. Being here in a place of saltmarsh, turbines and seagrass; half-seen, visible and forgotten, distance is opened up by passing bird call. Here’s a stretch of land where we can be ourselves, come into our senses.”

Arts in A Forgotten Landscape

AFL’s artist in residence Deborah Aguirre Jones organised and took part in events across the project area, including a range of arts and cultural activities, for example:

– Bristol groups were brought to visit the estuary, hosted and greeted by residents of Severn Beach, Cowhill and Oldbury. The visitors enjoyed their trip and a reciprocal trip was organised.
– The 1st Olveston Guides made sculptures, maps and performances about their landscapes and the people who inhabit them.
– Residents in and near the project area attended workshop sessions with Deborah and other artists, trying their hand at drawing, printmaking, willow sculpture, sound art, land art, rock art, photography and other artforms.
– At the Severn Beach Fun Day, people annotated maps of the project area with memories and hearsay.


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