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Pond Surveying and Restoration

  • Creating ponds for great crested newts
    Creating ponds for great crested newts
  • Great crested newt
    Great Crested Newt - Photo credit: Natural England
  • Pond Restoration
    Pond Restoration

The infilling and degradation of ponds has played a key role in the decreasing populations of the great crested newt.

A Forgotten Landscape trained volunteers to survey both ponds and great crested newts, in order to create new records and provide more accurate mapping of the species distribution locally.

We then worked on the creation and restoration of several ponds and wet areas, which are crucial for this species to breed, in the Lower Severn Vale Levels.

The project benefitted local landowners by:

  • re-establishing ponds
  • contributing towards the drainage of farmland
  • providing a greater understanding of the distribution of the protected species
  • providing a greater understanding of the appropriate regime of management for both its water and land-based habitat

Pond Survey Training

The volunteers:

  • learnt to identify a variety of aquatic and part-aquatic flora and fauna
  • gained a better understanding and appreciation of the complex ecology of ponds
  • recorded the flora and fauna associated in ponds in their local communities
  • increased the number of records on pond flora and fauna species distribution

Great Crested Newt Training

A group of enthusiastic volunteers also completed training to become licensed surveyors for great crested newts. They collected data on the number, condition and locations of great crested newt colonies to ensure that they are conserved and safeguarded in the future. The data was sent to Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre.




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