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Creation of Wetland Habitat

  • Protecting wetland habitat
    Protecting Wetland Habitat - Photo credit: Natural England

The Severn Estuary and Lower Severn Vale Levels provide an important habitat for birds and A Forgotten Landscape aimed to create several new wetland habitats.

Through wildfowl and wader monitoring and the creation of wetland habitats, the project built a greater understanding of:

  • the way wading birds and waterfowl are using the estuary
  • the threats to wading birds and waterfowl
  • the importance of high tide roosts and problems caused by disturbances to these habitats

A Forgotten Landscape looked at the potential for wetland scrapes and ponds to be used as high tide roosts to encourage waterfowl and as part of this we produced:

  • A high tide roost map
  • Five new wetland scrapes
  • A simple leaflet about the impact of accidental disturbance of roost sites. Download your copy here


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