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The Lower Severn Vale Levels, an area of low-lying floodplain along the shore of the Severn Estuary, is a very special place. The landscape boasts big skies; a sense of light and vast open space with two colossal white bridges spanning the silt-laden tides of the Severn Estuary. It is a landscape full of dynamic, dramatic beauty and panorama; and hidden within this is the human story of interaction with the land that has shaped the distinctive landscape we see today. Habitats include river estuary, saltmarsh, orchard and grassland alongside highly industrial areas and suburbs on the edge of Bristol – in them all lie a wealth of wildlife, geology, history and archaeology to be discovered. There’s so much to see and do here!

A Forgotten Landscape is a large-scale natural and cultural heritage project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund Landscape Partnership Scheme. The project seeks to conserve and enhance the Lower Severn Vale Levels, while improving community access to and engagement with the area’s unique natural and cultural heritage.

Our aims

A Forgotten Landscape has four key aims that underpin all our work:

To conserve and restore the built and natural features that create the historic landscape character of the Lower Severn Vale Levels.

To increase community participation in the heritage of the Lower Severn Vale Levels.

To increase access to and learning about the landscape and heritage of the Lower Severn Vale Levels.

To increase training opportunities in local heritage skills.

In doing so we will restore the heritage of the Lower Severn Vale Levels as well as improving access and creating volunteering and learning opportunities. The term heritage is used in its broadest sense to encompass the natural environment, archaeology, local history, local food production and traditional farming practices, and even historic and present transportation – the way people have crossed the estuary over the centuries.

Ultimately the project aims to create a framework for the Lower Severn Vale Levels whereby a wide range of stakeholders, including local residents, schools and landowners, can help current and future generations enjoy, learn from and conserve this significant landscape.

Our plan

Our Landscape Conservation Action Plan provides the context and detail of all the projects we will undertake during the life of A Forgotten Landscape. You can download a pdf of the planhere.

Working in partnership

A Forgotten Landscape is a Landscape Partnership Scheme.  Our partners are South Gloucestershire Council, Avon Wildlife Trust, Bristol City Council, Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre, Environment Agency, Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group Southwest, Natural England, RSPB, the Conservation Volunteers, University of the West of England and a community representative.

Other Landscape Partnership Schemes

While A Forgotten Landscape is coming to an end soon, you can get involved in various other Landscape Partnership Schemes in the South West. Foresters’ Forest in the Forest of Dean runs until 2020, Living Levels in the Gwent Levels runs until 2021 and Bathscape has not yet begun at the time of writing, but is due to run until 2023.

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