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  • Huntspill River water vole habitat
    Photo credit: Natural England
  • Birds at Pilning
  • Severn Bridge from Severn Beach
    Severn Bridge from Severn Beach
  • Conserving Lower Severn Vale Levels
  • The River Severn, Watery treasures
    Littleton Warth
  • Restoring species rich meadows
    Species-Rich Meadows
  • Rhine and ditch clearance in South Gloucestershire
    Rhine and ditch clearance in South Gloucestershire
  • Habitats for water voles
    Habitats for Water Voles
  • Orchard restoration in south Gloucestershire
    Orchard Restoration in South Gloucestershire
  • Historical crossing the River Severn
  • Salt Marsh Grazing
    Salt Marsh Grazing
  • View of Littleton-upon-Severn
    View of Littleton-upon-Severn

The Lower Severn Vale Levels are home not only to people but to a huge population of insects, birds, fish, reptiles and mammals.

The area has pockets of habitats for protected species such as great crested newts and water voles as well as rich feeding grounds for huge numbers of migratory birds.

We’re working to restore habitats and raise awareness of the range of species in this area – please get involved.


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