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Arts Project – Explain Yourself

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    Explaining poetry and greeting the tide with a smile. Photo: C.Stealey
  • explain
    Explaining ourselves to the estuary using the common element of water. photo: Michal Iwanowski
  • explain
    Explaining a Tea Party, how we celebrate, to the landscape. photo: Michal Iwanowski
  • explain
    Explaining journeys and maps to the estuary. photo: C.Stealey
  • explain
    Explaining Ballroom dancing to the estuary. photo: Michal Iwanowski
  • Explain
    Explaining a Compulsary Purchase Order to the Estuary. photo: C.Stealey

Residents, arts volunteers and art groups involved with A Forgotten Landscape have been meeting with Deborah Aguirre Jones, AFL’s artist in residence, to consider an impossible question;

How would you go about explaining yourself or the human world to this landscape?

After hours of conversations, diagrams, cups of tea and experiments, a series of mini-artworks and performances have been carried out.

What Next?

Deborah will be using these mini-artworks and performances to inform three stone carvings which are being made for Severn Beach, to be installed in Spring 2018.


For more information on Arts in A Forgotten Landscape click HERE


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