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Severn Beach Sculptures – Explain Yourself

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    Explaining poetry and greeting the tide with a smile. Photo: C.Stealey
  • explain
    Explaining ourselves to the estuary using the common element of water. photo: Michal Iwanowski
  • explain
    Explaining a Tea Party, how we celebrate, to the landscape. photo: Michal Iwanowski
  • explain
    Explaining journeys and maps to the estuary. photo: C.Stealey
  • explain
    Explaining Ballroom dancing to the estuary. photo: Michal Iwanowski
  • Explain
    Explaining a Compulsary Purchase Order to the Estuary. photo: C.Stealey

Residents, volunteers and art groups met with Deborah Aguirre-Jones, A Forgotten Landscape’s artist in residence to consider an impossible question:

How would you go about explaining yourself or the human world to this landscape?

After hours of conversations, diagrams, cups of tea and experiments, a series of mini-artworks and performances were carried out. (To view them click here.)

From each of these, Deborah drew a single image to be carved in stone, and wrote a description of what happened. Altogether there were 20 drawings, of which three were chosen in a public vote to be made into stone sculptures.

At the Severn Festival in 2017, members of the public voted on which locations they would prefer for the sculptures.

Once the results were in, Deborah, and volunteer Caroline Stealey, made a clay/plasticine maquette (a sculptor’s small preliminary model) for each chosen drawing. Deborah and stonemason Barry went to some limestone quarries in Portland, Dorset, to choose three suitable stones for carving.

Barry started to carve the stone, to a point where Deborah took over to finish them off in her studio.

Watch the slide show below to see photographs of the process.



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