Tales of the Vale exhibition and publication

It won’t be long now before our Tales of the Vale touring exhibition hits the road! It will showcase the work of our Tales of the Vales volunteers. Tales of the Vale has been an exciting project for A Forgotten Landscape.  We offered local volunteers a chance to learn how to explore the area’s past in one of two ways; work with Dr Virginia Bainbridge and learn how to undertake top-quality research into the past using archives, old maps, and other sources, or work with Julia Letts and learn how to make professional oral histories, interviewing local people to record their thoughts and memories for posterity.  One volunteer chose both!

This exhibition and its accompanying book is a collection of the work our volunteers have done over the last two and a half years. Their work spans more than two millennia; visit our exhibition and take a few minutes to explore the fascinating results.

We’ll announce the tour route and dates soon. Please visit the exhibition, and be sure to pick up your free copy of the publication and CD before you go! The publication and audio will also be available as a download on our website.


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