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Listen: Roger and Hazel Staley

Roger and Hazel Staley record their memories with Jacquie Rinaldi and Julia Letts

Roger and Hazel grew up three miles away from each other on family farms but didn’t meet until their early twenties when Roger set up a Church Youth Fellowship for young people, which Hazel joined. Roger’s farm was in Kington; it was a mixed farm which had been in his family for a generation. They had no electricity and used candles for light. Hazel’s farm was in Sibland on the other side of Thornbury. She was the eldest of five, with 4 boys below her so much of her childhood and young adulthood was spent looking after them.

Roger and Hazel talk about their farms during World War Two. Roger recalls his mother putting up families who had walked out of Bristol during the bombing raids and had literally nowhere to stay. He also recalls POWs working on the farms and tramps sleeping in the hay barn.


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