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Water Vole Habitat Restoration

  • Habitats for water voles
    Habitats for Water Voles

Water voles live alongside rivers, streams, ditches, ponds, lakes, marshes, reed beds and wet moorland.

They are Britain’s fastest declining wild mammal owing to loss of habitat and an introduced predator, the American mink.

A Forgotten Landscape is working to safeguard the water vole and make sure people can still catch a glimpse of this rare animal.

Our Water Vole Habitat Restoration project will help protect the water vole population locally through improving their habitat by:

As well as improving local habitat we hope to foster links between the cleared rhines and suitable habitats for water voles to use to create networks and prevent fragmentation.

Find out more about why the water vole is endangered on the Wildlife Trust website.

Want to help save the water vole? We need volunteers for our water vole monitoring project. Find out more.

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