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  • Severn Beach history
    Photo credit: Severn Beach Local History Group
  • LiDAR
  • St Arilda's Church Cowhill
    Photo credit: me
  • The Littleton Whale
    The Littleton Whale

The website for A Forgotten Landscape was designed to capture the natural and cultural heritage of the area as well as share stories of the work of our volunteers. As such our Discover section can be mined as a resource to support and enhance the learning materials for school projects and general information about the area. This could be particularly useful for older children looking to independently access sources.

Lots to Discover!

Our Nature section is all about the natural environment of the Levels including information on key habitats like meadows, orchards and salt marsh and species like water vole and great crested newts and wildfowl.

Shaping the Landscape covers how the history  and geography have shaped the levels. There are great introductions to historic and modern land use including archaeology,  fishing, farming and industry as well as the local history topics our volunteers are working on for the “Tales of the Vale Publication”. You can also find out more about architecture, churches and the river crossings.

Information about key places can be found in our Places to Visit Section including Whale Wharf, Lamplighter’s Marsh, Kings Weston House and Severn Beach. Our volunteers have also been collecting stories from local people, including the winter of ’63, wartime memories and salmon fishing. Take a look at our people section for more oral histories.

Other Resources

We host oral histories and soundscapes on Soundcloud  ,  photographs on Flikr and videos on Vimeo and animated stories on YouTube.


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