Orchard update!

Our trees that we grafted last year (pictured) have been lifted from their nursery and are now being distributed to new homes around our region.

We’ve created three new orchards (including one at Shirehampton Primary School with One Tree Per Child) and contributed trees to the restoration of four more. We have some hopes of creating or restoring at least one more, so we will be able to proudly say we more than achieved our target of creating or restoring five orchards! Special thanks goes to Bob Seddon for tending our trees over the last year and organising the lifting and delivery in March.  Also thanks to TCV’s Tree Life Centre in Grimsbury Farm where the trees were nursed last year.

One of the orchards we’re helping to restore is the ‘lost’ orchard in Lawrence Weston, where 3 of our new maiden trees were planted in March.

To keep the orchards in top condition, we’ve also run two orchard maintenance trainings and will soon run our second grafting training. And we’ve run several cider making sessions in order to make a good use of those apples!

Our final year of orchard surveying will begin soon. Look out for the surveyors in an orchard near you


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