Habitat restoration work at Littleton Brick Pits

We have been working with Avon Wildlife Trust (AWT) to restore habitat at Littleton Brick Pits Nature Reserve. As the name suggests, the site was formally part of a brick pits (where clay was dug and fired to make bricks!) before being used by Bristol Waterworks. It came under ownership of Avon Wildlife Trust in the 1980’s and has since been managed for wildlife. The habitat is a mixture of wetland with one large pool colonised by reed and three smaller ponds along with wet woodland (willow carr) and scrub. It hosts species such as reed and sedge warblers and several different species of dragonflies and damselflies.

Over the last 18 years the reedbeds have colonised the site to such an extent that there was little open water. Therefore the restoration work has focused on dredging an area of the pool to re-establish some open water, re-profiling the ponds and pollarding a number of willows. The work was carried out in early February and was managed by AWT. This work should ensure the viability of the site for years to come with annual management work being carried out by AWT volunteers. The site has limited access but if you wish to visit please contact AWT to arrange a permit.  For more on the reserve, visit Avon Wildlife Trust’s website.


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